404 Social Impact - Yoga Yangchen

Yangchen with dogs 4 Social Impact The greatness of a nation
and its moral progress, can be judged
by the way its animals are treated.
- Mahatma Gandhi

Yoga Yangchen aims to increase the well-being of all sentient beings. Your participation allows me to create awareness on the benefits of yoga and meditation, and the Buddhist practice of caring for animals to receive good karma.

Animal Well-Being

Part of the income generated by Yoga Yangchen is used to take care of animals in need, especially dogs. Bhutan has a seemingly ever-increasing number of free roaming dogs. Instead of looking at the government for solutions, we can take ownership of the problem ourselves, one community at the time. By feeding the dogs, giving them treatment when they are sick, and bringing them to the vet hospital for sterilization, we become part of the solution instead of part of the problem. I also encourage people to adopt their pet instead of buying one. Plenty of furry love-filled animals are looking for their forever home. My own dog, Courage, is adopted too. I found her as a small puppy, injured and scared, alone on the road. Now she is part of my family and brings me joy and love every single day we are together.

My main social cause is Doghouse Bhutan, a not-for-profit organization I co-founded with my good friend Nadine in 2021.
Our vision is a Bhutan where every (free roaming) dog is treated with the respect a sentient being deserves.
Other causes I support are BARC and the Maya Foundation.

Bhutan Animal Rescue and Care (BARC)

Located in Yusipang, Thimphu, just a 20 minutes’ drive from the capital city. The shelter has 400+ animals; from dogs, cats, macaques, mules, cows, goats, to pigs. If you are looking to welcome a furry friend in your family, adoption is available.

Maya Foundation

Located on the way to Sangchoekor Buddhist College in Paro, just a 20 minutes’ drive from Paro town. The shelter has 500+ animals; from dogs and cats, horses and mules, pigs, goats and cattle, to snakes and birds. If you are looking to welcome a furry friend in your family, adoption is available.

Free awareness workshop on interaction with free roaming dogs

In my role as Coordinator of Environment and Community at Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary, I have created the first Dog Care Program in Bhutan, whereby the Sanctuary adopted all the free roaming dogs on its property and is taking good care of them. I taught all the staff on how to interact with free roaming dogs, and trained the dogs to trust people and follow basic commands. I freely offer my workshop on “How to interact with free roaming dogs?” to any organization in Paro and Thimphu who is serious about their social responsibility and animal welfare.

People Well-Being

Besides the classes I teach, I create awareness among the general public in Bhutan about the benefits of yoga and meditation via my Yoga Yangchen social media (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube). I hope to inspire people to follow a more healthy lifestyle and incorporate yoga and meditation in their daily lives.
As part of my social responsibility, I also give free classes from time to time to selected individuals and certain not-for-profit initiatives.